In the 50’s, Philippine Komiks featured the witty series Gorio and his Jeepney.  

History has it that I almost got named after him while my mother was on board a jeepney to the hospital anticipating my birth.  

Providentially, the water stayed its course through the delivery room. 

Hence, the redirection to Russell. 


 My servants will be called by another name.   Isaiah 65:15 


It is ironic but when my wife perceives something in me that needs to be corrected, I respond with a knee-jerk defensiveness. However, whenever I take my vow seriously to always consider her words with honored weight, I find that she’s mostly right in her rebuke. I then take measures and grow in fruitfulness.



On the eve of my 30th wedding anniversary, I was immersed in the chaos of my flooded kitchen.

It is a deep paradigm reminding me that the only reality I can hold on to is Christ becoming flesh.

My wife kissed me goodnight with a gracious hope that the Lord shall take care of the mess.

After all, He did not spare Himself to redeem those who will heed His incredible offer.

Kitchen Chaos  

Kitchen Chaos