The surprising element of this journey has been the pronounced companionship of the person of Jesus Christ from the first few steps towards the culminating stride. The ancient Psalmist who served as a faithful songwriter/minstrel followed the inspiring cadence of the Author of our lives as the written notes and words coalesced to unpack the true substance of our lives. The syllabus of the Songs of Ascents reveals the indescribable intimacy of the Shepherd Guide in leading us every step of the way.

Life is lived well as it is led well through a guided journey. It is through following the footsteps of the Son of Man that we find true tracks. In His steps, we find a simple course. There is much difficulty, much suffering, but there abounds deep joy. 

The steps of the Messiah went through the Via Dolorosa leading to the cross, for such was the only path to our redemption. While the journey is hummed in loneliness, we were never invited to move right along through it, alone.

The Master knows the way. With formidable confidence, he declares that he is the only way to the Father. He beckons us to come to him for oasis.

Step right in and let the road come right toward you.