A Perfect Spiral

My eldest daughter was born with an ingrained passion for dress. The allure of enchantment that accompanies a laced goune has always enthused her joy. She would sleep in her flower-girl gown with glee. 

As time went by, her stirring for clothing held its ground. One day, she asked permission to leave Texas to study fashion in New York. With reasoned trepidation, I asked why. Her response was terse: "Dad, I will be the next Coco Chanel. but I will be different, ... God will shine through my work."

She finished summa cum laude when she graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. She now manages the portal of an authenticated luxury consignment company in Manhattan. When she was an intern for Ermenegildo Zegna, she was asked why she starts her day by reading the Bible. When she was humored for her claim that it was her daily date with Jesus, she all the more disclosed that she likewise meets with Christ during daily lunch and dinner dates. She turns to the Master Cloth-Maker for current mentorship, with no apologies.

Nika's future follows the promise of a perfectly thrown anchor. In a world struggling to make its mark through bows and arrows, she has discovered the true way to prosperity: by standing firm on God's divine blog.

Just this past Christmas, she gave me a most unusual gift. It was an old Macbook with a worn-out case. I was kept intrigued until she flipped it open revealing the gift of a personal website: www.russelldiwa.com. She knew my love for diaries and blogs. I once told her that I started blogging when dinosaurs roamed the earth. I did not realize that my old blog somehow gained some following (28,000). Her acumen for metrics kicked in. She thought of my blog site and of its potential leverage to further advance the lumens of Christ. 

That is why this writing space seems rather trendy. The heart of a fashionable saint just threw in a perfect spiral.

Thank you Nika for quarter-backing my little thoughts about our Majestic God.