Why Pitbull Rocky is Color Blind

That's not quite accurate.

Dogs are perceived to see only black and white but they do have limited photoreceptor cells that allow them to see the world through yellow, blue and gray hues. Not as colorful, but clear enough for committed devotion.

I was born to a regional culture that promoted indifference towards dogs. Repulsive as it is, the poor mongrels were victims to provincial gourmet. I remember the horror of witnessing the killing of our guard dog to rustle up Azucena during the feast of San Fernando to augment the traditional banquet. I had a standing nightmare that day.

But dogs are the kindest. It remains a mystery how these creatures imbibe a loyalty beyond compare. You kick them, you starve them, you curse them ... their loyalty remains. It takes a dead person not to feel this crazy fidelity.

The Oscar Awards has trended quite a protest. Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee registered their disdain over what they perceive as a clear lack of diversity among nominees. All 20 contenders in the acting category are all-white.

I see much dog connection in the way our world sees humans these days. No wonder, the LORD of Redemption spoke about a day when color-marks will lose their curse. If you care to read the prophetic freedom of such generation, go read the high definition from Genesis to Revelation.

I used to ignore dogs but they persist in loving me. I did not realize that their lack of color perception was God's gift for my stupidity. I also woke up to my ignorance that these wonderful creatures are gifted with a sense of smell that is hinted to be 100 million times more sensitive than mine.

I will try not to boycott the Oscars. I will invite Rocky to watch it with me.

Credits: Rocky's Parents: Max & Paulina Citzman

Credits: Rocky's true parents: Max & Pau Roycroft