A Complete List of My Ex-Friends

Friendship is perhaps the most notorious of all undertakings. One gets ushered into its arrangements with so much hidden agenda devoid of any warranty of permanence.

Our list of enemies has more stability. These remain unmoved in our social embargo.

Thus two distinct lists are made and migration from either side moves quite rarely.

I have been ruminating lately about my Facebook alliances. Like most, I often wonder about the significance of the Add Friend/Accept/Remove exercise. I somehow detect a semblance of rising power when I get accepted but the inverse of sadness when my request for ingress is made to wait. When I get un-Friended, that's when it turns ugly. I retrieve my list and implement life long sanctions against the idiots.

That is perhaps the reason why God is not into social media.

God's version of relationship is summed up in a most alien term: incarnated. He is all in and all out with the people He pursues. They can do whatever they want and His love stays unmoved. He offers the invitation of true friendship until we run out of hiding space. 

He has no buttons that shuts down his site just because of any cookie jar theft. Actually, there is nothing that can unmake His determination to stay on, not for life though, but forever.

Three years ago, when I went through my deepest valley, I noticed the remarkable trending of my personal contacts. There was a corporate withdrawal of posts. It was perhaps my own doing. It was so dark where I was and I could not even see most faces. The chats were frozen silent. I guess, my appearance of gloom was no longer vogue in someone else's list.

No one is to blame. I am guilty of that myself. I tend to gravitate towards certain categories: I keep only the ones I can use. This is not friendship. It is nothing more, nothing less but market-place transactional circus.

And this is the reason why Jesus Christ came. To offer a relationship unknown to humanity. It is a friendship that is sourced from an intentionality that exudes from the depth of His wonder. 

It has a tag: agape, unconditional love.

I read from Scriptures that it is God's desire for all to be on His list. But, most choose to ignore the one offer that can change all our imaginary scripts. We'd rather choose sophisticated human moorings and shun what is perceived as moronic faith.

I am on His list not because I deserved it. It was determined by His pursuit which incidentally found a heart craving for true love.

Lately, I turned to my secret list of Ex-Friends and was roused to the incongruence of my favored status. I have tasted the most succulent of affections in Christ, why am I keeping such a repugnant inventory?

Alas, I have decided to follow my True Friend's lead: I threw the book to the fireplace. 

My site has just been opened for all.