Builder's Brew

Arthur Brooke introduced Manchester to its Pre-Gest-Tea in the 1930's. It was distinguished for the snooty quality of using only the top two leaves and bud of each plant. I had my first true cuppa last night complements of Jonathan, my British brother-in-law. The robust zest is referred to as Builder's Brew, reflective of its perky boost for early risers.

My youngest sister's husband is father to three adorable little princesses who are constant reminders that simple moments need not be ordinary.

I have met a few good intellectuals but Jonathan's inference on most things is deeply impressive. Young as he is, he serves as SVP for one of our trending DigitalTV stations. Our chats hover from kick-boxing to in-depth political musings. The best conversations however are the unspoken ones that articulate his organic commitment to serve his family with nothing more and nothing less but with his top two leaves and buds.

When the Lord redirected me from business to ministry, my initial trepidation came from my commitment to help out my aging parents to proceed support for my younger siblings. We were six children and finance was tight. It was difficult to live out the vow of simplicity somehow knowing of my responsibility as eldest son to augment help.

Thus, my only true contribution were spoken prayers. I was redundant in asking for a deal. I say yes to His bidding. He foots the bill for my siblings. 

My present vocation is currently at prime metrics. As I ponder the inventory of what God has done, I am so convinced of His impeccable brew.

Jonathan's supreme blend: three minutes of seeped tips + a hint of milk underscores the gravitas of succulent grace.

Builder's Brew, Anyone?