Ouch Move

The American drama series True Detective resonates the warning of Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell): "My strong suspicion is we get the world we deserve.

The game of chess illustrates this ethical rule: once you move, it cannot be undone. You lose your queen, you live with it.

I find this truly burdensome. I have chosen paths that caused immeasurable pain - best described by incarcerating wounds. To this day, the haunting of what I deserve seeps into my awareness. I battle with obstinate whispers of guilt.

For my countless relational genocide, I deserve the hadean indictment.

It really looks bleak, not unless someone retrieves my chess board and alters the rule. If only I get to play the pieces with options to replace fatal mistakes.

Astounded as I am by my ineptness, I am absolutely blown away by God's intervention. He takes the hell I deserve and catapults its fury towards His Cross.

All that my Redeemer beckons is that I look to His mercy.

Only the Grand Master can serve that.