Hard Shelter

Just a few days ago, I could not even squeeze myself into the stairs closet. Nine persons plus one puppy hoping for the tornado sirens to stop.

It did, but only after leaving a horrific catastrophe. It seems so familiar: a dormant volcano half buried our home in the 90's; Some friends perished amidst the pulse of the Richter scale in the 80's. 

It just doesn't make any sense. And that is exactly why.

I reckon that none of my human senses will ever fathom these tragedies. Thus I stopped creating my indie films on these monstrosities. 

I still read the culture of despair that seeks to assuage our shared despondency. There has to be an outcry.

With all our registered complaints, one wail remains unique.

The Torah discloses a story like no other. It reveals the curious portal of why this world exhibits brutish tantrums. A bitter script that lays it down with no frills: we bought into deceit and the consequence is what we bear now.

The epic unfolds with sterling cinematography. The first two pages (Genesis) discloses how it all began. The last two pages (Revelation) on how it will all resolve. And then the vast middle, speaks of where we are and why things are so.

I am presently wrapped up in rumination of  who I am in this troubled world. I was merely 4 miles away from last week's Rowlett-Garland cataclysm. I was spared to think for another day.

It suddenly dawns on me that it is not about some religion or some philosophy anymore. It is just about the integrity of Christ's claim to have risen from the dead. If this script is dead-true then life stands with hope. Jesus claims to have come from His Father to offer no relief to our chaos. He offers full redemption not by any sensitive editorial release but by unleashing the unthinkable: God offers Himself

Not to heal but to redeem our fallenness and all else included.

This sounds so simple. No wonder Christ called it children-stuff. The witness of Scriptures beckons me to believe by faith. Thus I take shelter for now.

The hard truth will take care of me with much conviction.