Grace So Amazing

Just recently I might have experienced the most emaciating four days of my senior life.

I offered hand to help my youngest daughter move to her new apartment.

I flew in from Dallas to NYC on a Sunday night as work commenced at midnight until the wee hours of Wednesday.

Clean up. Carpentry. Painting. Boxing. U-Haul Trips. Walk-ups. Heavy-lifting. Starving. Dehydrating. 

I did not realize the accumulated fatigue but on the third day, I gulped down a giant Gatorade in about seven seconds flat.

It was about 2 am Thursday when Bianca (tired as she was herself) snuggled a word of endearment before I took my power nap prior to my 3:30 am departure.

Bianca: Dad, thank you for being so amazing.
Me: (no words, but a rush of tiredness evaporating from my wearied soul).

It was all God's grace infused in this joyful work.

I'd do it all over again.