Common Good

I voted yesterday.

The results are in.

It was a challenging exercise of a given right to reflect Scriptural ethics.

Thus I followed my mentor's good counsel:

So ... how would Jesus vote? His ballot would be cast for that which honors God and allows his creatures to flourish in life and to manage the creation well. His party would pursue the virtue that makes for a stable society and respects that we are all made in God's image. His approach would be to woo the one on the other side to consider a better, more virtuous path. Jesus' vote would not be to create people who function as independents but to have us sincerely seek the path that honors God and his creation. The mutual pursuit of that kind of common good would be good for us all. (Darell L. Bock / How Would Jesus Vote "Do Your Political Positions Really Align with the Bible?)
My precious nieces in observance of a good duty.

My precious nieces in observance of a good duty.