I Really Thought I Was Right

99% sure.

I keep the 1% just to maintain a semblance of humility.

I have been in countless situations where I fume fury over some person whom I have quickly dismissed as marginal.

Too many to count.

Too many to retract.

I have made a fool of myself for not vetting into the 1%.

The honest tragicomedy The Big Short was on point to kick off the reel with Mark Twain's quote: "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

I really thought my Dad was wicked.

I really thought VW Diesel was impeccable.

I really thought I was exempted from cancer.

I really thought Protestants were doomed to hell.

I really thought Rock music was stupid.

I have a million of these thought patterns ...

I would be lying if I pretend to have stopped. The list has exceeded the word-count but new jargon is added.

I find that I am prone to bang the verdict due to an insidious agenda: my self-esteem needs the fuel of self-absorption. Thus I become the Supreme Court for all.

No wonder, if it were not for Jesus Christ, I would have plummeted to deep incarceration. My Lord is firm: He beckons me not to judge. I get it. I do not have an iota of absolute proof on what is truly right.

I once thought my Alzheimer's-smitten Dad stole my mother's cash. I frisked him to my shame. Just yesterday, a well-meaning person requested that I remove my post from the FB portal because of my alleged self-promoting scheme. Apparently, there was clairvoyance involved. She knew me better than my cause. Quite shamed, I erased.

That's the reason why I struggle with my own deep propensity to put the cuffs on others. I had been released from the malignancy of my myopic froth. Why should I retool and spit the goo that was merely taken off my soul?

Praise be to Jesus, the only ONE who truly knows everything that is Right!