Discerning Sex

The current version of sex is exilic.

We have redefined this magnificent wonder using mouse words.

The very first mention of its occurrence was made early in בראשית the book of Genesis. It originally meant deep relations.

Sexual intercourse was one of its features but it was not its main course. It offered a life-enriching platform for those who enter in.

Yes, it is not only meant for married couples just because of its organic vision.

We were designed to make love through good conversation, a hand-in-hand stroll in the park, tandem-biking, coffee-chatting, movie-viewing, cross-hiking, music listening, gourmet-sharing, weep-heaving, kayak-trolling ... good sex happens with a good game of tennis or a jog at Central Park. As it nurtures relationship, it is deemed as מִין yada. A deep kind of knowing birthed by intentional activity.

At the center of this grant resides the source of all true knowing: God orchestrates our relationships with deep commitment.

That is also the reason why coitus is reserved only for covenant marriage. The kind of knowing that takes place in the one-flesh union upgrades this sense of relations to its apex. When one commits to matrimony,  a complete yield to the other takes place. Sexual intercourse merely provides the exclamation point. That's why the single is joyfully exempt from it. This is not to say that singleness is inferior in weight. Marriage is a gift just as singleness is. The responsibilities are custom-fit. 

I have personally witnessed the relational holocaust of those who unknowingly succumb to the allure of premarital or extramarital yada. The viral infection is utterly undetected due to the Niagara-force invite. Flesh to flesh, fluids blend, orgasmic repetitions, torrid groans ... but feigned commitments. There is no knowing, but unperceived using.

In marriage, when the body touches the body, deep tenderness awakens a holy-kind of discovery. There is no inhibition. The bliss of deep integrity is experienced. When the soul touches the soul, the person of dreams and hopes collide. Trust is generated. When the spirit touches the spirit, prayer is rehearsed. The climax of joy reverbs. While the celebration of the bedroom booms, God in heaven applauds and declares that it is indeed ... very good!

The opposite exacts a knife. When the unmarried use the void license, after the body-collision, a feeling of dirt consumes the psyche. After the soul-meet, distrust and subversive anger germinates. The spirit to spirit rendezvous scars with dark depression. While the hidden heist takes place, God in heaven weeps and whispers that it is indeed ... a march of dying!

This is where humans suffer the inversion of becoming mere instruments of each other's lust. We buy labels calling it love but we silently die a thousand deaths famished by our lies.

I gathered from a recent scientific journal that one of the primary reasons for a henpecked husband is premarital coitus. it is disclosed that all women view their purity as supreme jewel. Whoever takes this away without covenant will be seen as irresponsible thief. This unknowing lover shall suffer a life-long assault. If the affair leads to marriage, the wife signs her vow: "I will teach this idiot every jot and tittle on how to be responsible."

Sex is holy. It is exhilarating in its proper boundaries. It does not hide in whispers of deceit. It exhibits its ecstasy in the language of knowing God and the accompanying benefit of knowing another person through His introduction.

If there has been any violation, redemption awaits. God calls each one to come into His reasoning. Although our sins are as red as crimson, He can obliterate the curse and ship us back a dazzling wedding attire, just because He knows us. 

Christ is our true Bridegroom.