The Mood of Simplicity

Wall Street lore relates of J.P. Morgan's prediction about the mood of stock marketing: "It will fluctuate."

From its inception on a roofless courtyard at Amsterdam in 1611, the sociological test-tube has indeed revealed much about human temperaments. Once referred to as the "gambling hell," the iconic symbol of business economics has been demonstrating the unceasing ups and downs of emotive involvement.

Quite like the world of finance, the rise and falls of affections have been reasonably predictable. We are glad when our cups are full. We turn sad when they are half empty.

Mad Men have been successful in crafting our insatiable needs. We have traded simplicity for intricacy. And so, to a large extent, our hearts have been wandering in the desert for the past 40 years. Unlike the exilic Jews, our guidance comes from a virtual iCloud that merely mimics our cumulative theories and speculative sentiments.

Amidst this rigmarole, I hear a lonely call to pursue detour.

Simplicity in place of Complexity.

The clarion to heed the chase of God's Kingdom first and foremost, leads to this road less traveled. 

The birds in the air, the flowers in the garden, the grass in the field ... they are never left without provision. Jesus beckons me to consider His forceful reminder that I have been grafted to an endowment as large as His kingdom.

Christ is the one in whom all the treasures of knowledge and wisdom are hid. 

The simplicity of faith calls for a review of what is being offered: God has given us His best. There is no way, He would renege on anything else.

This is the sole reason why life was meant to be gloriously simple at its core. When Christ is known from a level of soul-awareness, the attachment towards all sorts of unpredictable stocks quickly fall. The rise of a warrantied ARG (divine aggressive revenue growth) takes over.

Glee wins with the most simplest of conquest.

Christ becomes more than a Wall-Street bullish unicorn.

He unloads His life to guarantee our solid eternal gain.

Photography: Renchi Arce / Art and Soul

Photography: Renchi Arce / Art and Soul