The First Selfie

In the Garden of Eden, there was no need for lens.

No mirrors.

No cameras.

No need to review one's image.

All that mattered was Imago Dei (Image of God).

The fall promised a better shot: Imago Hominis (Image of Man).

When humans chose themselves over God, self became god.

The colossal fib in the garden had gone viral.

We are obsessed with pictures of personal acclaim.

We send out self-edited press releases.

Nothing escapes our trigger. We shoot to boast.

The world subscribes nonchalantly but just like the crash of Babel (Genesis 11), instead of being known, we sense a gnawing rejection.

The Redeemer exposes the sham of self-absorption and redirects our focus back to God.

As we behold this by grace, we retrieve our shutter and discover our selfies shattered.

The glory of God shines as we kneel to pose.

Photography: Paolo Esquivel

Photography: Paolo Esquivel