Deep Joy

The Bible is harsh but accurate. All of us are sinners. No one escapes.

I am a sinner by heritage and orientation.

No matter what I do, the 10 pounds of flesh I drag pulls me towards the dust.

Thus even my offsprings are infected. The Adamic plague is viral.

Since there is no human egress to my perdition, the evidence of my decay validates my fast descent to Sheol.

If not for Christ's scandalous largesse, my iniquitous identity would have been my fast-pass to an eternal surprise that God is not a prankster.

When I received the message of Christ's Cross, I was imputed holy dialysis. Whatever death-inducing cells I had, met their end. I now run the blood of my Redeemer who spared not a single drop.

In the kindred faith-narrative of my two daughters, their sinfulness only equals mine. By Christ's mercies, they have likewise been invited to the feast of unmitigated Redemption

Every single day, I witness the depths of this joy.

Soli Deo Gloria!