My Previous Enemies

Growing up with sisters can be most pesky.

My little brother and I were constantly at odds with in-house female power. There is something about tigress-persona that chases the cat out of you.

Tetay was cunning. Jeng was snooty. Bing was bossy. Ricci was spoiled. Together, their alliance was a fortification of superiority. There is certainly a force behind this enigmatic aura that emaciates.

The first book of the Bible reveals the debilitating origin of these species. The Fall caused every female to usurp the role of every man in their lives. They are cursed to view men as dimwits. By way of retaliatory psyche, the male will struggle to quell the uprising by resorting to brute dominance. Hence the battle of the sexes. 

This is so true. I once bit my elder sister's arm when she beat me in basketball.

But this noxious environment is no more. It was subverted by the infusion of brand-new hearts.

The influence of the Redeemer has reintroduced fountains of glee in our clan. My dearest sisters are now my opulent companions. There is not a single day that I cease praising God for their endearment.

They treat me with deep respect and I see them as women of supreme substance.

Only God can cause enemies to become glorious siblings.