A Birthday Prayer

My dear Heavenly Father,

It has been fifty-five years of grace and mercy.

From the depths of my ignorance, you have led me out to your open field of truth.

The foolishness of the message of your Son's Cross has become my saving anchor. His shed blood is the only reason I am able to stand. His broken body is the only donor that seals my walk.

I am astounded by your resplendence

Your beauty, O God is my strength.

My soul sings with hymns of praise.

I do cartwheels of joy for I am drowning in your oceanic love.

Why, oh why, my God .... did you even find the time and effort to grab my sure damnation and hurl it to Yourself?

But I receive it gladly with life-long tears of infinite gratitude.

I cannot wait for your embrace, my LORD, while tenderly kissing your nail-scarred hands. Thank you for even thinking of adopting me to be Yours.

Today is more than a happy day.

This is the day that Lord has made. 

I shall be glad and rejoice in it. 

May my life be your unceasing Amen.