Tent Maker

Raymund was caught in a crossfire.

His new relationship with Jesus hijacked his heart. He was Geri's protégé. This gifted styliste modéliste was his partner since 17. Then, a lovely Rose sprung amidst the scene and quite briskly, a wedding was set.

Geri was crushed.

He came in for counsel. At first glance, I thought I saw Nero. His desperation led to a wild conversion. The gravitas of Christ's offer wrecked not only his train of thought but every cardiac rail. I have never seen a man transformed with such spiritual muscularity. 

Raymund suffered a massive heart failure during his honeymoon. It is from heaven's window that he now sees his friend on a journey so riveting.

When I was still serving a parish in Manila, my friendship with Geri went deep into brotherhood. Almost every single day, I read my brother's witness of God's impressive intervention. His present culinary preoccupation is served for God's glory.

He is mentor to countless university students.

He is friend to those who long for divine depth.

More than two decades ago, I was his passion-model. Every single Sunday, I wore a Barong Tagalog designed and crafted by this incredible tentmaker.

Just a few days ago, he confided about a recent pull: a lovely orchid showed up and his heart caught some Crossfire.

It is disclosed that our bodies are tabernacles of God. It is His sole purview to woo us towards an existence that has long been sewn prior to our birth.

Geri's tent is an example of this epiphany. His worn out apparel is gone. 

Glory be to God. His work is all too grand!