Who Are You?

The Lion King saga depicts Rafiki with a query of identity. He strains to ask the most significant question: the determination of one's true nature.

Denrick has always been a nomad. His life is a continuous search within the world's jungle. Whenever I get to spot the chase, I find a most unique poise: he is actually rested amidst the rumble.

While playing the part of a wise baboon, his countenance shines through. The wisdom of this man is sourced deep from the Lion of Judah.

There is an invitation for us to consider recognizing who we truly are. Our quest for selfhood only reaches its finality when we seek help beyond the heights.

The Maker of heaven and earth towers with majestic grace. He beckons all who are weary and tired to a halt. It is in this holy pause that we find God with a name granted to us.

We have never been monkeys nor beasts. Darwin is unwittingly wrong: his gaze only saw the fallen mask. He should have rested to discover the genius of creation and the Grand Director who wrote it.

Broadway Narrow Way:  A Musical Journey

Broadway Narrow Way: A Musical Journey