True Expression

The curse of our expressive generation stems from our wide but shallow accountabilities.

We are quick with hello and hug without true content. Ours is a social milieu clad with acceptable pretensions. Thus, when we get a glimpse of a true bond, we are drawn to its gleam.

My daughters beam this resplendence. Nika is getting married this June. Her younger sister will serve as Head Bridesangel. Their friendship is undeniably alien. This week, they both flew in from the Big Apple to host a bridal shower in hometown Texas. The production of this memory reveals much heart.

I find myself awed by this glow.

Oh how I long for a big brother who will pour out such devotion ... and I know ... how my younger brother craves for the same.

It is in moments of such capture that I am reminded of Christ's affection towards us. He has become our true brother. In our metaphorical role as bride, By will, He assumes the commitment to serve us with His utmost sacrifice.

Our shallow existence meets the depth of His outstanding grace: a true personal relationship with no guile but only enduring honesty.