Media was meant to facilitate good report.

I grew up with TV.

I often wondered why commercial interruptions incessantly tripped my favorite episodes. From a child's perspective, the repetitious innuendo of peddled products was non-sense. I just had to live with it, not mindful of its subliminal thrust to my soul.

The assault of advertising is insidiously epic.

We end up buying stuff not because we need it but because of a push from some savvy corporate force that won't stop at anything but sell.

It has been rumored that Coca-Cola sold 25 bottles the first year.

The longevity of soda is truly borne out from intentional fizzle. The thinking tanks are paid to do their job. We need to heed their need.

Redemption is necessary in our world-gone-crazy over stuff. There is really nothing inherently wicked in the products we buy. It is in the mindless paradigms of consumption that we fall prey to mediocrity.

The scare of media is when I catch myself hurrying to secure my lot on some goods that are supposedly good but are not.

I have to watch what I buy. And that includes the watch that I buy.