All Hat No Cattle

The gimmickry of unaccounted possession betrays worth that is directly proportional to the emptiness of its bearer.

Some years back, I read a book on the true nature of millionaires revealing their ironic propensity towards simplicity. On the contrary, those who feign opulence seek to go for the exotic and rare.

I do understand the practical distinction between cheap and dear. I once heard the adage that it is the lesser stuff that makes our lives complicated. You buy a lemon, you get juiced. 

The allure of the hats we wear however is in their capability to hide what is truly in our hearts. I know a handful of opulent men who shine bright not because of swag but depth. I know a fleet of desperate men with shiny steeds but all husk.

God owns the cattle of a thousand hills.

He is the One who give out hats and boots to those who are willing to purvey simplicity.