Royal View

The centrality of the Gospel is occasioned by its historicity,

When Christ died on the Cross of Calvary, His death was forcefully thrown down to represent the tempest that I should have incurred.

It was an event that literally hung me on a tree, broken and convicted, by proxy.

When Christ rose from the dead, His resurrection was forcefully thrown up to represent the conquest that I should not have known.

It was an event that literally hung me a crown, whole and royal, by proxy.

The majestic news of the Gospel reveals the magnanimity of God's grace in granting every believer His full and perfect record.

All the medals of Christ are consequently pinned on the chest of anyone who calls on His name.

A throwback conversation reflects this poignantly:

Nika: Dad, I need to really be honest. You need to know that I am being called to New York.
Me: New York?
Nika: Yes. I feel strongly led to pursue Fashion there.
Me: There are lots of good schools in Texas ... and you know ... I cannot afford New York ...
Nika: I know Dad. I am just letting you know what I believe is from God.
Me: How do you know?
Nika: I am being called to be the next Coco Chanel.
Me: Who is Coco Chanel?
Nika: A different Coco though. I will represent Christ in the world of fashion.
Me: (looking intently at her ....) I'll give you a week to process all these. Seek the Lord's wisdom and we'll talk again.

After a week:

Nika: I read through the Book of Esther and I must go, Dad.
Me: What's in the book that leads you to this?
Nika: It's all done. I am just following His lead.

Nika went on to pursue Fashion Merchandising at the Big Apple. She interned at Ermenegildo Zegna, graduated Summa Cum Laude and was offered a lead spot at Barney's of New York. She is currently department head at the leading luxury consignment portal while seeking to give birth to her first venture as sole entrepreneur.

She is gifted with a resplendent crown not because of any merit but singularly due to the scandal of her Master's Cross and the Miracle of her Redeemer's Rouse.