Invisible Invincibility

If God is God, what seems invisible is thus invincible.

I read of scriptural accounts of hidden creatures who serve His purposes with great obedience.

The witness of brightly shining ones at the tomb of Easter was beguiling. If angels are mere hallucinated figments, then the entire narrative of the gospel is a joke.

But the report seems free from intentional fiction.

Angels were Christ's companions in the desert.

Mary received her first order of conception from one named Gabriel.

The visibility of these unseen persons is quite the norm in God's story.

Often, I ponder the mystery of what feels like a constant field of protection that seems to hem me in like a firewall.

Alas, I caught a glimpse one ordinary day ... of all moments, when I was most emaciated from a twelve hour surgery.

If God is God, His angels must truly be encamping around those who fear Him.

Rendition of Actual Recollection / Artisan: David Talaguit

Rendition of Actual Recollection / Artisan: David Talaguit