Teacher's Accounting

My wife is an accountant who chose to follow the ledger of her heart. She has been a 2nd grade teacher for eleven years now.

Last year, we had this conversation:

Wife: Honey, I think I've reached my limits. I am afraid I have nothing left to offer the kids. This year is just impossible. I have in my list, Rupert (not his real name). There is no way I can handle his indifference and dysfunction. I think I am ready to quit.
Me: Stay the course, my dear. I will walk alongside the furnace with you.

Last week, she had this conversation:

Rupert: Mrs. Diwa (while teary-eyed), I really don't like summer because I like school more ... school is so much fun!
Wife: (Sigh). (No words) (Just hugging the little boy).

Incidentally, Manel was just awarded the prestigious Educator of the Year for what is clearly the Lord's hand of extended grace and mercy.

Soli Deo Gloria.