Lil' Ricci

Ricci is my youngest sister. She was born when I was about done with college.

Back in Asia, our cultural indoctrination edicts the eldest son to vow assistance to his siblings until they are done with school.

I knew this was not going to happen as I was called into ministry.

How does one get called anyway?

Well, it begins with a relinquishing of all preoccupations and an accompanying reallocation of trust.

I went to seminary with a good prompt that divine fiat will handle all my omissions.

I see this unwrapped every single day.

The hands of God are infinitely larger than mine.

Ricci is shining bright in her iconic craft. 

I just know the source of lumens.

Marichelle Hills / Owner & Curator:  MEUS

Marichelle Hills / Owner & Curator: MEUS