Nose Bleed

My wife and I almost perished yesterday.

This could have been the breaking news:

A horrific accident took place yesterday at the frontage road of Plano Parkway and Highway 75. A speeding Cadillac SUV tried to beat a left-only lane t-boning a Mercedes Benz 430 ML dragging it headlong towards the railing of the bridge. The solid impact sent the MB SUV plummet down the busy Highway 75 hitting three vehicles before it burst into flames. The driver and his wife died instantly from the reckless incident.

This did not happen.

Early that morning, my daughter Nika from Manhattan read from Scriptures: "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him (Psalm 34:7).

At around 3:00 pm yesterday, the application was made in Plano, Texas.

By a most unusual maneuver, I was granted quick intuitive alertness to swerve. The wild driver still clipped my fenders and bumpers. His bumper parts and molding flung in the air, but his resolve not to stop only reinforced his dangerous existence on any road.

I was once told about the grit of the ML 430's 4,552-pound hunk of steel on its rigid frame.

I praise God for it did keep me still. 

It only had some nose-bleed.