The human body moans for release every single day.  

As I ponder my age and look back in time, I find the mirage of a delusive story: I am invincible; I will never die.  

Such was the gossip in Eden.  

God redirects my distraction through His story. 

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with a condition that required surgical resection of my lower jaw. In twelve hours of involved procedure, I lost my jaw, my lower teeth, my fibula, and scraps of donor skin. I lost 25 pounds that week. I was told to expect major adjustments.  

The road to recovery was brutal. I took liquid food for three years. Depression crept insidiously.  

It was a perfect storm. 

But, if it were not for God's sanctification narrative, I would have remained detached from reality. 

I am weak. 

I will die. 

But Christ is strong. 

I will be made strong. 

I will live forever.