The war set against our children follows a subversive hum. Our little ones are lulled into lullabies of unsuspecting schemes.  

Behind every substitute, preys a subliminal seduction seeking to entrap.

Although gadgets and other implements are tagged as culprits, there is clear revelation in unraveling plans adeptly laid out by a foe.  

These principalities and powers do not sleep. Their corporate meetings log in hours of excessive machination set to destroy our offsprings. 

The way to avert this invasion requires a committed battle flexing the muscularity of truth. 

As a parent, I am called to suit up in God's armor while subscribing to the cadence of my Commanding Officer.

Captain Michael / BCC youth pastor & soldier 📸Roscelee Lubina

Captain Michael / BCC youth pastor & soldier 📸Roscelee Lubina