The game of basketball is played within proper bounds. Just like most team sports, the playing field is well defined and visibly marked. To set one's foot in the hardcourt equates to an intent of vigor. To do otherwise, means to opt out and be sidelined.  

Life presents an invitation to live. To be born into existence does not necessarily lead to an experience of fullness. 

A second birth is necessary to enter into the realm of the living. It is this re-entering that presents the staggering claim of Christ that apart from Him, there is just no life.  

His claim is most unique in that it advances the meta-narrative that life is to be found in His person. He claims to be life, personified.  

Christ's definition finds its context within the vortex of His claim as Creator, Provider, and Redeemer. His invitation is totalitarian. You either submit to Him completely or you shun Him. There is no middle ground. 

It's either you're in or you're out. 

The amazing truth is the discovery that once you have surrendered to His embrace, you will recognize that even your faith is a gift to play.