The concept of justification is most slippery without its proper context.  

The inverse of such is damnation.  

Human sensitivities turn towards a propensity to deny the reality of sin. The claim of wages due to perdition seems most condescending. Thus, we strut our way into thinking that all is well with our compromise.

Until we hit rock bottom. 

When the imminence of death knocks, oh so suddenly, the veil of our own deceit lifts and we grow in panic.

The sting of mortality bites hard. 

This is where the work of Christ finds its locus.  

No one finds vindication in any human striving. Adherence to whichever law shall run short.  

The solution to our delusion is revelation.

God has disclosed His offer of peace through the finished substitutionary work of Jesus, the Son of God. 

For some, this seems like some funny myth.

For those, who have received the incredible grant, it has become akin to freedom daily purveyed in the garden.  

B Scene / Kara Bianca Diwa / 📸Chester Canasa

B Scene / Kara Bianca Diwa / 📸Chester Canasa