Fake Accounting

Our generation is blighted with what the Psalmist calls endemic lies. 

The social media has gone viral in its scope of delusion. We amass an incredible network of friends without really knowing anything about these, except for a few lines of personal acclaim.

Gone were the days, when one had a friend or two, running on deep answerability.

Even churches have followed the Pied Piper's lead. The mega-sized congregation has entered the era of the Big Greet. We turn to the person next to us and we exchange chums. We lead them to believe that "we care and love them in the love of the Lord." Whatever

How can one truly care and love someone whom they barely know?

The reason for Christ's Incarnation rebukes our expressive catastrophe. God did not seek redemption from a distance. He sent His Son, not only to bridge the gap, but to enter our world. It is in the context of personal abiding relationship that salvation has come.

This leaves us with a challenge to audit our current list. It is either we know our friends or we merely know how to use them.

God never used a fake accounting system. He calls us to adopt true accountability by repenting from our relational pretensions while turning toward a bold resolve to enter deeply into the reality of our connected lives.

It is with hope that we shall find Christ wonderfully mediating there.

photography: Stella P. Sison

photography: Stella P. Sison