Why We Run

We run for life.

I met a beautiful man who asked me to mentor him through his life marathon.

There was no bible on our first discipleship. I asked him to bring his mountain bike.

The trail was engaging as it took us to a Japanese-bamboo route. He was thrilled with much frolic. And then, the throw-down: there were three consecutive 25 feet dips on rock descent. I screeched to a halt, while he (a veteran marine) went for the jugular. I heard his rambunctious glee as he went down and up, down and up, down and up.

Of course, he wondered where I was:

Tévan: Hey brother, where are you?
Me: I am still here ... turn around ... 
Tévan: Why did you stop? Are you tired?
Me: I cannot do the drop. This is why I took you here. The last time I faced this hole, I waited for the guys to pass and I had to walk it.
Tévan: Come on, just ride it. You can't be serious!
Me: I am dead serious. My past shackles me. When I was 9, I was on a bike race and I got into a serious accident. My bike was split and so was my boldness. I can't go past this dip. You have to mentor me.
Tévan: We will never leave this place not until you are able to negotiate this monster. I will show you how its done. Let's do this!

After a rigorous half-hour drill from master sergeant, there were two men zooming to and fro like unbridled boys.

We concluded the afternoon with Gatorade reflections. Tévan got the significance of a true teach. Iron has to sharpen Iron. When I asked what he learned through the overture, he quipped: "Indeed, life has its way of pounding us. We do need each other to take the u-Turns ."

We both run and have been falling quite hard. The bruises and scars serve as evidence to the brutalities and of the Grace-laden Rescue that comes with it.

Yesterday, I just called him asking if we can run again.

He said: "your timing is perfect."