Seeking Recreation

The first thing we discover about God pertains to work.

In the beginning, God rolls up his sleeves to create.

After six days, He sits back to drink of all the ordered beauty of creation.

The metrics reveal glorious goodness.

When we got ushered into existence, we were endowed with industry. It is through God's regulated tasks that we find deep expression to our passion. We work from the vantage point of divine joy and so we produce gladness.

Prior to the fall, there was no room for burn-out. There was nothing to burn. All efforts came from God and were directed towards Him.

Work is worship. We offer our utmost to His Highest.

With this wonderful arrangement comes the gift of leisure. We were granted six days of toil. We were blessed with a day of rest.

Work was designed to exist symbiotically with recreation. We crave for disport because it is a divine craving. We are called to celebrate the staggering imprint of God's technical support in all our labors.

Thus we take time for a walk, run a few miles, do some kayaking ... not to recharge nor take breaks. We enter into Sabbath ... in order to recognize the beauty of our Creator and all that has been lavished to us for faithful stewardship.