Visiting Mother

The glee that mother exudes when her children visit comes with intense significance.

Through the years, her deep joy is found in mere presence of family. When we are gathered, she seems like a mother-hen, satisfied in her posture of affection.

Mama was not quite the person that she is now. She used to be so detached in her own world. I remember growing up with a deep sense of inquisitive mystery on who she is to me.

It was life itself that ushered her towards a radical shift. Through her scarred challenges, faith grew to serve as anchor.

When Christ takes front, end and center ... a person's orbit truly spins to a halt and enters a new galaxy.

The beauty of Carolina lies in the depth of her growing selflessness. I experience Christ's heart  each time I get the chance to pop in.

Just the other day, she intimated her desire to gather her brood to a Mediterranean Cruise. She said "Son, it will be such a delightful time ... we will experience the bliss of just being together ... dining, dancing, and laughing."

She is well along in years. She has reached some apex of wisdom.

Her perception is right: we were crafted simply to dine, dance, and laugh for eternity.