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Coined words abound. The early 21st century word "Zumba" is described in Oxford dictionary as thus:

an aerobic fitness program featuring movement inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed to Latin American dance music.

The gifted Colombian choreographer Beto Pérez spiked the wild craze. More often than not, someone better hides in the background, silently optimizing what looms commercially.

Such is the case with a wonderful human I met. Raised by grandparents, he broke through the lines of social paralysis with disciplined tenacity. I stumbled upon Nick in the most unlikely locus: the marketplace.

Before I was called to ministry, I did business. Years of teaching minutiae of microeconomics instilled a deep awareness of the dance of mammon. Alas! money is never a neutral commodity. The buck is driven by forces that always advance an agenda.

My recent conversations with this young man, reignited my passion to offer nothing more and nothing less but optimum. Nick surpasses Beto in Zumba points. When he speaks, there is a genuineness that reveals rare integrity.

It is quite a gift to meet persons who are humble from a sincere core. While he is a young and powerful entrepreneur, his teachability throws me off.

I always pray for my own willingness to learn for I am often shackled by my oversized ego. This is why it is so refreshing to stumble upon someone who carries such open swag.

Just yesterday, Mr. Soto invited me to help him build his spiritual muscles. I responded with a trade: "I will mentor you in the paths of God if you teach me the elements of your last name."

#SOTO {Share Only The Optimum}

#SOTO {Share Only The Optimum}