Crucify Me For Not Lying

There is a strong possibility that this will be the last blog you will read from me, just because you might think I am lying.

I will risk it anyway, just because I will tell you the truth.

During my grueling surgery of 2013, my right fibula bone had to be harvested to serve as donor material to replace my lower jaw. While there was involved procedure that lasted for 12 hours, I came prepared for the aftermath. The doctors warned me discreetly about the possibility of sectional paralysis. I was told to practice smiling with my eyes. There was insinuation that my speech will be severely altered. I will have to train my core to compensate for the lost balance from the misaligned leg.

By the Lord's grace, my miracle hit all three with astonishing wonder.

I smile wider now. Yes, I lost my Asian accent (It turned quasi-British) but I now speak rather audibly. The balance issue is not that pronounced: I lose my stance often, but my core pings it. There is just this one little thing that I keep in secret: my right toe got stuck and won't move.

On the 5th day of Creation (no matter what that means), God created the great sea creatures. One of these was the Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. Previously on the 3rd day, He spoke to existence all good fruits and vegetation. One of these is the Wild Blueberry.

I never thought of what these two pin-point creatures would do to affect me.

A caring lady from my church recently introduced me to an incredible claim. An extract has been formulated that allegedly facilitates at least 9 good things to the immune system, digestion, inflammation, cardiovascular health, cholesterol, cognition, overall circulation, sexual health, and energy. I was gifted with a sample, just because I seemed weak and in need of boost.

In the past three years, due to my condition, I was forced to resort to juice and soup diet. I remained healthy, but limited in strength.The reality of my physical challenge was well represented by my hidden toe. Since it no longer moved, it sort of signaled my entrance to the era of Old.

Until ... I took the strong medicinal concoction.

With all my skepticism in full alert, I had no argument for the sudden movement of this stubborn little stub. While I am writing this, I am literally flexing my toe up and down, just to make sure I am not day-dreaming. When something had not moved for 3 years and suddenly springs into mobility, it is probably safe to say that it is a miracle.

I thank God deeply for creating life and providing all that is needed to sustain it.

Only for the Curious: Download the app: Team Fusion ( (click "Guest"). Enter code: russelldiwa

Only for the Curious: Download the app: Team Fusion ( (click "Guest"). Enter code: russelldiwa