Nicolo is pure eagle.

I remember him as the little tyke from Manila who once told his parents that he'd like to be like "Pastor Butch" (that's me).

After fleeting years, we met in Chicago. No longer a teen-ager, he was a young flyer eager to find his place under the sun.

Like most, he was ushered into the mythical script that all that is abroad deserves every desperate climb. But Chicago offered him nothing but fast cars and half-hearted relations. When he visited me in Dallas, we had a long chat on God's will.

The problem with such conversation is not about its depth but about its acuity. How can one grasp the mind of an unseen God?

This is why we agreed to limit our search on Scriptures. If the Bible is God's Word, then all that He values must have been written there ... and that is exactly what it claims, by the way.

Nicolo is currently serving as missions pastor in Asia. He leaps walls and develops pure connections.

I do not even know the charming princess beneath, but I am quite sure, she is one of those smitten by God's imprint in this fine young man.

The transformation of life begins with a resolve to quit conformation with popular fairy tales. It begins with a leap of joy in seeking to do nothing more, nothing less but God's will in our lives.