Maximum Cover

My faithful friend and associate is gifted with auto vogue. The first time we met, I was quite humored by his swell. He was then a top junior executive driving around a sexy Acura Legend. 

I never quite figured the interface of his passion for cars and outreach. The moment he landed in Dallas, he bought an expensive house and turned it into a watering hole for hungry souls. The Well became the hangout capital of our Young Adults ministry. On Thursday nights, about 75 young pros would gather to fellowship around the Word.

It was an ordinary afternoon, when Voltaire almost died. He was on his way to a tinikling (Filipino Folk Dance) practice which he formed as platform for the gospel. His car was crumpled to its grave. He had multiple broken ribs and a wound that missed his aorta by a hairline.

It was in the valleys when God called him out of corporate to His consulate. He proceeded to Dallas Seminary and poured his craft into missions. He now serves as Director of Strategic Initiatives for Camino Global.

I am honored to serve as his mentor while on-hone for pastoral work. His passion to join Christ in facilitating redemption is white hot.

Just like any undercover specialist, his outrageous Maxima is listed tonight as top bet for Dallas Hot Import Nights (Dallas Market Hall). I will be attending the crazy car-fest. His steed will surely disturb the show.

It was His Master who finished all the necessary details. Mission Impossible is happening.