Iron Sharpens Iron

Sandy is the regular guy who happens to have been blessed with geeky intelligence. His Chinese orientation and Numbers Analytics equips him with spot-on business integrity. I have never met a man so sought after just because of his impeccable industrial ethics.

I take it as a privilege to walk alongside in his passion to grow in faith.

Whenever I need some breathing space, I drive three hundred miles to Houston just to reset in his company. We play hoops and I always lose. This man is a beast in winning. His iron flexes mine to the limits.

He recently got into the triathlon bug. As I observe him with delight, I find much strength in following the tenacity of his disciplined approach to start and finish each and every challenge.

I mentor him.
He mentors me.

As of this writing, my colleague is preparing for a 45 mile bike run. I prayed for him yesterday while we signed a contract to formalize a small start-up that seeks to replicate what Christ does to his disciples: He trains his disciples to live the story of redemption while observing the rigors of commitment and of its dominant hope.