Brother Tiger

In China jungle resides the Black Tiger.

Vincent is my wife's cousin. He is several times world champion in Muay Thai. He is Adjarn (Master Instructor) to MMA students in Beijing.

I salute him for following a path that leads right back to his passion. 

The way of wisdom reveals a specific plan determined by the Wise Creator. As we seek training through this grid, we find ourselves thrown in jungle but safe and sound.

The only thing that matters is cognizance of the Guide.

Story is told of the youngest Spartan.

One day, a florid teen barged through the ranks seeking initiation. As he was quickly dismissed, the Captain quickly thought how to decimate his arrogance. He was told to show up in the morning at Death Jungle.

Now this trap is a graveyard. No one ever enters through this forested hull. The fanged demons were too ferocious to consider any allowance.

The young man showed up much to their surprise. He was ushered to the entrance with a dirge.

After several hours, much to the astonishment of the Spartans, he appeared in the egress. Bloodied but alive! The Captain with bewilderment asks "How were you able to handle the wild beasts?" To this he replied:

"My father accompanied me all the way. He had his sharp sword. He told me not to veer to the right or left, but stay rigid behind his back. He did all the fighting ... I just followed his lead. He is one of your Spartans. You never required an unaccompanied journey."

I seek to follow the trek of the brave.

My True Warrior beckons me to stay safe while His blood spills with victory.