Dissecting Mercy

I really deserve the wages of sins.

How can I even start the count?

The heart is most deceitful at its best.

The mind follows like a mindless slave.

I have lied a million times.

I have killed with jargon razors.

I raped innocent trust.

I stole cisterns dug by the poor.

I have worshipped golden calves.

I cursed my parents.

I blasphemed the name of God to spit gunk.

I have trampled Sabbath with zest.

I loved myself over and beyond God who pursues me unconditionally.

There is just no way out.

My guilt follows me like a shadow beamed from the specter of my soul.

But ....

There came the Friday when God met my disgrace with a scandal ... too pure to name.

Christ took my blame and granted me His name of Mercy.

Used with Permission. Photography: Yen Baet

Used with Permission. Photography: Yen Baet