Free from Guilt

Jason is an incredible human being.

Whatever he set his sights on is engaged with unbridled tenacity.

He climbs.
He fights.
He contorts.

When he began attending church, he registered his initial trepidation yet grew with each ascent.

When a person demonstrates such weight of willing determination, the sky is usually the limit.

I was in conversation with him just the other day about the unfathomable mystery of deep relations. He rehearsed the agonizing reality of pain. We hurt deeply only when we love in depth.

I have wept in shrieking silence several times over halted friendships. The investment of soul always creates a hole when it is finally over.

While burying my faithful dog and warrior, Stuart .... I just dropped on my knees with heaves of lament. I still could not delete my dad's number considering his death a few years back. I still bleed each time I get reminded of a dear friend's decision to block me from any further advance just because of ideology. I guess, our hearts simply recognize execution as it regurgitates from lost connections.

When Christ hung on Calvary, there was a kindred anguish. His cry however was nuanced beyond comparison. While we wail from termination ... His pule comes from eternal rupture. He has always been with His Father through eternity. To be forsaken at the cross reveals the incomparable groan of His cry.

He died to confront the haunt of all our cumulative guilt. Humanity is flawed with perdition. This is why every conscience finds a hunting arrow for each transgression. The Sacrifice of Christ shatters the abysmal cuff.

Jason's inward countenance is without pretense.

He gets pulled up and out by the ONE who declares that ... Yes, He died just for his freedom.