Blood Marks

Daniel doesn't speak much. He works much.

Each time I visit the gym, the young gentleman keeps up a beam that gives the hint that purposeful work is preeminently joyful.

His tattoo reveals his heart: propulsion for detailed glory.

Today is Good Friday.

What is good about the Golgotha massacre anyway?

The goodness ripples from the details of divine passion.

As Christ bled through Via Dolorosa, His heart signed in for unparalleled Glory.

Each time He checks His pulse, He finds the prompt of His Father ushering Him to finish well. It was with with deep joy that He obeyed to die..

At the cross of Calvary ...
Christ did not speak much.
He worked towards His last breath to declare ...
... that all that I need to do to be saved has been finished.

The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world has been slain ... for Me.

His blood marks have been spilled on my soul.

tattoo artist: franciscosanchez

tattoo artist: franciscosanchez