Reversing the Pyramid

The word enterprise finds its biblical roots in the Parable of the Talents.

Interestingly, the concept of business is presented from the vantage point of purpose. Jesus used the imagery of an opulent master entrusting his wealth to his servants. The transaction was based on a trustee relationship. The grant was accompanied by the master's discernment. Three persons were chosen. The first person was entrusted 20 years of salary. The second about 8 years worth, the third, 4 years worth. As the master went on a journey, they were left with a simple charge: work the resource.

The first immediately traded the 20 and it yielded 20 more. The second did the same: the 8 yielded 8 more. The first was paralyzed by fear, he did nothing. He buried his talent.

The Master arrived with an audit. The first two were complemented with sincere applause and promotion. The unwilling servant was reprimanded and sent away.

The parable is both deep and simple. It speaks of a unique perspective towards work.

It takes work seriously as it is received as an endowment from a benevolent Person who delights in good business.

I know of a man whose life and work are seamless beams of this diligent paradigm. Glenn reverses the corporate triangle by bridling his work to serve God and not mammon.

He mentored me recently about my tent-making. He emphasized the necessity of writing a covenant before one launches into the tumultuous market sea.

He said:" A contract must be signed first to effect the reason why we really work."

Thus I notarized mine: "I seek to reclaim God's wealth for His purposes."

photography: Paul Supelana

photography: Paul Supelana