In studying the nuance of work in Scriptures, I got introduced to vocational entrepreneurship.

I have always been confused by the dichotomy set between secular work and religious occupation. For most, it is either worldly business or mission for God. I just found out the heresy of this paradigm.

The substance of work is found in vocation. As such, all tasks are divine grants. Although we were not meant to be defined by what we do, our present toil does represent our prevailing purpose.

Entrepreneurship is a thoroughly biblical word. The occurrence of business in the gospels has more matrix than Christ's discussion on the Kingdom of God. It seems that money does matter in Christ's economy. The reflection of the parable of talents where diligence was placed on scrutiny over three workers is truly convicting. The one granted with five talents proved most zestful. The person entrusted with a single talent demonstrated the delusion of false ownership. The former understood why he is working: it is all for his master's benefit. The latter cared for no one except himself.

There is no such thing as secular work and religious work. All endeavor is holy before God. As such, vigor and discipline must accompany the joyful endowment.

We work for God. If there is any other employer involved, the heart of intent is compromised.