Rest is most potent when it is pregnant with joy.

Most leisure is misconstrued as Shalom. Although recreation is a good thing, it can never mirror Sabbath. There is much busyness in these arrangements. True rest is defined by its pause.

Life in North America follows a cycle that hums like a machine. The disciplined march to work clocks in and out with vigor. Our candles are tenured to their last gleam. At the end of each day, our cognition reaches silly valley. No capacity to reflect. Bones are weary; Flesh quivers. Once the body hits bed, the spin awakens in fifteen minutes. The incessant pressure underscores that hurriedness is not from the devil. It is the devil.

This is why Sabbath gets introduced.

God works. His example on the seventh day of creation is both literal and referral. There is a proper rhythm to our existence. Work is important but not as crucial as its focal point.

To merely play and crash on the day of rest significantly misses the point.

God rested not for recuperation. He pulled out from work in order to reorganize the centrality of why He is working in the first place: to see all things through God's applause. All of His labor has been good. Goodness is a by-product of beauty. Beauty happens to be His first Name.

Rest takes place when worship becomes its only intent.

When one fights for worship on the first day of the week, the following six days will take on the creative ease of His Divine Assist.

photography: Stella P. Sison / Talisay Batangas

photography: Stella P. Sison / Talisay Batangas