Wise Number

The Tax deadline speaks of urgency.

I did mine last month with one who counts with exacting precision.

I almost signed up for bean counting. My father talked me into it. Logging three semesters of analyzing income and expenses daunted my biased right brain. I shifted to Economics just to plunge into more theoretical abstracts. It was still a numbers game, though. I just cruised on wondering why numerical analysis hounds me. There was one midterm exam when I held the highest score in Quantitative Analysis. It was not because I understood it. I borrowed and reviewed the full notes of Mandy, the guy who really knows.

There are simply guys who simply know digits.

They are the ones who somehow really get rich.

When decisions are run through statistical scrutiny, the favor of prudence kicks in.

My friend Volt Pineda is God's gift towards my propensity to circumnavigate the world without compass. With tenacity, he teaches me the sine qua non of accountability.

Does God work through numbers?

He does.

He blesses sevenfold those whose integers are free from scam.

photography: Paul Supelana

photography: Paul Supelana