Plethora of Lights

The world is dark.

One wonders why light seems scant.

I was listening to NPR recently and the discussion was about the phenomena of light.

Theory has it that darkness is made up of micro-units that obviously dim our paths. It is proposed that light, in the same paradigm, is comprised of minuscule particles that overshadow its counterpart.

Thus, the imagery is presented: during night driving, the lumens of car headlights virtually eat up the elements of darkness that barricades.

This goes for an interesting scientific validation, but I am not a scientist.

What I do know however lies in the sphere of witness:

When I intentionally live out the sphere of Christlikeness, whatever murk I encounter shudders under the sheer weight of holy resplendence.

Ahh, I do not quite have "this little light" that seeks to shine ...

I am enabled to purvey the Light of the World that beams mercy upon all prevailing dusk.

photography: Yen Baet / Champs Elysees, Paris

photography: Yen Baet / Champs Elysees, Paris