Lawful Love

Banjo sat in front of me. We plodded through theories of microeconomics together. San Beda College was quite a haven. It represented a deep sense of ethnocentrism.

My classmate was the stalwart. His basketball panache reflected most of his brilliance. He is a deep thinker. He always engaged in discourse. I somehow sensed that one day, he will make his mark.

More than three decades have gone by and I note that we have become relatives by the blood of the Lamb.

He has become an outstanding lawyer. He serves as ambassador to the verdict of the Cross.

It is invigorating to observe God's work for those who are willing to abandon all things for His name's sake.

Constantino Banjo Navarro III is currently running for a seat at Philippine Congress.

I know why he is doing this: it has everything to do with his lawful love for His law-fulfilling Messiah.

Little wonder, the truly wise catch the gleam and kiss him.